Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sometimes a Doogit Comes.

We opened Much Ado last weekend and I felt just about dead at the time.  I have since had a couple days off work that I spent with Anna (doing a lot of napping together) and I'm feeling much more like a human bean [that's being, jackasses].   The show turned out well, I think, and pushed me to do some good work.  Or, at least, to not quit giving a shit at my usual spot and to keep working for a few extra days after I stopped giving a shit.

The fam had a fun dinner night with the A-Train last weekend, hitting Belvedere Square for some pizza and then chatting at home.  Aimee got a fun introduction into Samuel's world of doogits and boogits and schnoogits.

Samuel's been doing remarkably well with his cast.  He's fully adapted to it at school, he scoots around on his ass everywhere he needs to go, and it really only seems to bother him sometimes at night when he's trying to sleep.  I'll be glad when the cast comes off, though, because trying to get him into school with his backpack and lunch box and while carrying Anna is a big ol' pain in the ass.  But, again, really just glad he's alive and am so happy that he just had a broken leg.  

Anna is really starting to grow up.  She's reaching for thing, and a lot more vocal than she used to be.  Starting to be a little fussy at times (I think because of teething) and having some trouble sleeping (which has been making Jeannie feel like a zombie pretty much most of the time), but still so smiley.  I can be in a terrible mood, dead tired and sick of pretty much everything, and her smiley face puts me in a better mood every time.  

Things to do:  schedule a doctor's appointment and schedule my massage.  

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