Thursday, July 30, 2015

Birbaglia, Herbaglia, Herbaglia Doggy Bag

The fam took an extended weekend trip to the woods of Massachusetts to visit Katie the North American Traveler.  It was a weird drive up (about 8 and a half hours, stopping every 45 minutes or so because nobody's eat/sleep/shit/piss schedules were lining up), but a good visit and fairly relaxing, and then a fun, normal drive back with a long lunch stop at a mall in New York and a restaurant that we first thought was named DADDY but was actually called DADDY O's.

Katie has a great ability to choose dwellings conveniently located next to raspberry bushes where you can just go outside and eat raspberries right off the bush until you get sick.

Also, we got to meet Katie's parents, who were lovely people and drank G&T's.  So you know they were OK in my book.  Although I wasn't drinking that night because the day before we left on the trip I had developed some weird sort of vertigo that left me feeling slightly off for most of the weekend but seems to have gone away on its own.  When I would get up after having laid on my back, the room would spin as though I was very very drunk.  But, like I said, it seems to have gone away on its own.

Work is gearing up for Season #2.  I should be pretty busy from next week until the end of the year.

I would like to have some popcorn.  I'm probably gonna make some popcorn and have a G&T.

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