Friday, March 27, 2015


Every day I look forward to 8pm to 10pm.  Samuel usually goes to bed around 8pm (although these days it seems to stretch onto 8:30 territory.  He stretches it out, needing a drink of water, wanting to sleep on the floor [which we've been indulging, as we transition into the big-boy bed], wanting to rock in the rocking chair for a minute), and then Jeannie and I watch an hour or two of TV, and sometimes eat dinner, and sometimes fold laundry, and catch up a little bit.  It is the only oasis in days that seem to be comprised entirely of uphill climbs.

Life has really felt that way for the last week or two -- maybe because I've been sick or just tired, but everything seems to require an inordinate amount of work and effort.  Today I just feel like I don't have enough in me to keep everything going.

So -- I'm having an extra G&T, and I'm listening to this song and gonna watch a little snippet of this movie, and then I'm gonna go to sleep.  And then tomorrow let's do it again.

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