Monday, January 26, 2015

Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire

Tonight I built the greatest fire in the history of Earth.  And that's a lot of damned fires.  Seriously, though, this thing just burns perfectly, and looks great, and at one point early on had almost gone out because of damp wood but I coaxed it back to life, and it really is the best ever.  I'm glad that Jeannie and Sam were here to witness it and back me up on this.

Lately I've been alternating between total stress about the upcoming 2 nearly simultaneous shows and saying "fuck it" about the 2 nearly simultaneous upcoming shows.  Today I leaned more towards the "F it" side but made progress in other areas.

Tomorrow I spend the day with the dude.  Maybe there'll be snow?  Maybe we'll play in the snow?

Eyes...sleepy.  Must....go.....sleep........

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