Saturday, May 10, 2014

But a Bitch Ain't One

My problems, in order of severity:

1.  not qualified enough to be doing most of the things I do.
2.  butthole discomfort
3.  tired.
4.  no time to take care of necessary car maintenance and doctor's visits.  (Just to  be clear, the doctor's visits are for me, not the car.  That first sentence wasn't very clear.)
5.  syntax
6.  can't seem to make my brain turn off at night without having a drink before bed.
7.  sweat too much, even when inactive.
8.  poor taste.
9.  can't understand how to use ratchet straps, even though they've been explained to me several different times, by several different people.
10.  poor attention to detail / just don't give a damn

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