Monday, March 17, 2014


The Jeanners and Sam and I got back last night from a brief, yet pretty fantastic, trip to Ohio.  A lot of driving for not very much time, but most definitely worth it.  Uncle Rico drove in from St. Louie, and the cool kids (and the cool kids' kids) were there, and it was just very mental battery-recharging, as usual.  A delicious fake-Thanksgiving dinner was cooked and served, Cards Against Humanity was played, and a walk to the ravine and train tracks was taken.  2 trains were seen, by the way, a fact which made Sam so excited that he was shaking as he pointed to them.

It was really wonderful to see Sam playing with everybody.  We had been prepping him for most of the week, letting him know that we were going to be going on a long car ride, that we were going to go to Ohio, and that we were going to be seeing Jen, Brad, Henry, Jack, and Uncle Rico, and I think he got a big kick of putting together the names with the people once we got there.  The fact that the house was full of new (to him) toys didn't hurt, either.

Also, it snowed last night (again).  Very snowy winter here.  And I like snow, but even I am ready for winter to be over.  So work today was kinda slow because of the snow.  But I got some good stuff done -- organizing our props storage and talking with Ian about an idea that I had for Midsummer.   Also went to the building this morning and this afternoon, but it was closed and locked both times -- I guess the burly construction guys with their ginormous trucks were too snowed in.

Oh, and Katie the North American Traveler had her baby!  A healthy baby boy named Micah.  How truly exciting.  Welcome, Micah!

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