Saturday, March 22, 2014

Today was a big day.  We sort of began the Great Kitchen Renovation of 2014-2017 by emptying and removing our cabinets.  Tomorrow my goal is to get the stove moved and maybe the trim taken down around the kitchen window. 

And the other big part of the day is that Jeannie and I were mostly able to work at the same time while Samuel entertained himself on the front porch.  It was pretty great.  It was warm enough for us to leave the front door open, so we could hear him jabbering away to himself through the screen door, and every now and again I would look out our front window and see him sitting on the top step in the sunshine, wearing a bright red vest and playing with his yellow truck.  Not much in life better than that, I'm thinking. 

Work was crazy yesterday.  Super busy, about 10 different e-mail conversations all happening at the same time, but good and productive.  A couple of semi-big wins, a half argument over e-mail with a guy who's trying to sell me a phone system (tip:  if someone tells you that you've got half of their business, don't lose that half while you're trying to go for the other half), and some time spent walking around downtown in the sun. 

I had a G&T last night.  It tasted good and was uneventful. 

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