Monday, February 10, 2014

Sicky, Tiredy

I have a half a night off, which is nice, because I've been putting in some long days lately and I am sick.  The sucky part is that I've been putting a lot of work into this set (mainly because it has to be put up and taken down every two days or so because of other stuff that's scheduled in the theatre where we're performing) but I'm really not happy with the way it looks.  It looks shittily designed, and shittily built, and shittily lit.  All of which we done by moi.  Go team!

I miss hanging out with the Jeanners, and I miss hanging out with the dude (although I'll get to hang out with him all day tomorrow), and I'm ready for 3 nights home in a row.  On the first night I will catch up on Downton Abbeys with my girlfriend.  On the second night I will clean up our house.  And on the third night I will stare catatonically into space and eat spreadable port wine cheese on crackers.  Not sure when I'm gonna get those three nights, though.  Probably next week. 

What else?  Not much, really.  Just work, work, work right now.  Which is fine, because I get a lot of extra time off when we're not in the middle of a production, so it's only fair that I make up some of that time when we are in production.  And I'm really (mostly) enjoying the work. 

Last night I NyQuil'd and slept like a dead man. 

Samuel can blow his nose!  What a helpful accomplishment that is. 

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