Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry (barf!) Christmas!

Perhaps I am doomed to never arrive in St. Louis before Christmas eve.  The fam and I are scheduled to fly out tomorrow morning, but last night Sam decided to start puking at around midnight, and the jury's still out as to whether he has stopped yet.  He's asleep now, and he hasn't woken up to puke, which is a good sign, but not definitive.  We're waiting to see if he can go 4 hours without yakking, and then we'll consider him in the clear.   Let me just say that his barf smelled terrible last night.  Ugh.  YOU OWE ME, SON.  AND YOU OWE YOUR MOTHER MORE. 

Not how I expected to spend my night (or day today) when I got off work yesterday.  Work ended on a high note, with a very productive meeting with our theatre consultant who was in town from N. Carolina.  Got some questions ironed out amongst our contractor and our performance lighting subcontractor, and the theatre consultant (who designed the system).  I was definitely the dumbest guy in the room, but nobody seems to mind too much.  So that's good.   Also, I found out that a lighting console is included in the contract, which is good because I was figuring that it wasn't and that we would have to dig up another 10 grand somewhere. 

What else?  Gonna be a weird Christmas, but I'm looking forward to it.  I hope the little guy is feeling better when he wakes up so we can get away on time rather than trying to deal with the headache of trying to switch our flight at the last minute, 3 days before Christmas. 

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