Saturday, November 02, 2013


Dracoola has ended, which is good.  Ready to be done with it.  Ready to have evenings mostly free, ready to not worry about the weather forecast, ready to not be screwing around with fishing line and fake bats made out of wood and felt.  The show, though, was a success, and mostly a lot of fun to work on, and a great way to start my job at ChesShakes. 

Jeanners and I had a good day of being outside today, she working on getting the garden cleaned up and me mowing the lawn and being on Sam duty.  It was a pretty day and a good day to watch afternoon light spill through the autumn leaves on the trees.  Sam got his first haircut yesterday, so he looks like a tidy, cute little boy instead of a cute, wild-haired, androgynous hippie child.  Mixed feelings about that, but he's pretty danged cute even without the curls.

Next week should be a busy week at work.  Lots of meetings about building-related things that I've been putting off.

It's been a little over 3 weeks since I've had any booze.  Hasn't been too bad.  I don't think I was ever really physically addicted to alcohol, but I was definitely in the habit of having a drink or 2 every night.  It's been fairly easy to substitute lemonade for my nightly drink and Sprite for when I'm out at social events.  Definitely nowhere near as bad as quitting smoking. 

The other day the writer of the Wazoo Farm blog left a comment on my last post.  It's weird, because I've never met her (she could probably best be described as a friend of a friend of a friend), but we apparently read each others' blogs with at least semi-regularity.  So I feel like I know her.  But I also feel like I don't know her.  Sort of in the way that you feel like you both know and don't know celebrities.  So when she left a comment on my blog it was kind of like having a celebrity leave a comment on my blog and made me feel special and a little famous.  Thanks, Kimberly!

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