Sunday, October 06, 2013


Opening weekend for Dracula is over.  It went pretty well.  I'll still have to do some work at future shows, but now that the show is open I'll be focusing most of my attention at work on new building shit.  Getting the phone/network systems designed and some incoming phone line issues straightened out and starting work on maybe trying to get the address changed.  Things I'm not really looking forward to, but things that need to get done.  I think I'd much rather be building a coffin outside on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. 

It will be nice tomorrow to spend an evening at home, a luxury that hasn't happened in awhile.  My vow is to not waste it watching any TV shows (although maybe I'll waste an evening later this week doing exactly that).  Haven't had much quality time with the J-Dog lately, although we've found that we both enjoy me being away some evenings.  That way she gets some time to herself, and I'm not sitting around waiting for her to get home from work only to find that she has to spend the evening working at home.  And it makes us miss each other a little bit, and I have a theory that since we (Jeannie + I) spent a good part of the beginning of our relationship missing each other that it's something that we need to have in our lives in order to feel like things are normal. 

Going to see Junip at the Ottobar on Wednesday with Abby and a friend of hers.  Looking forward to it.

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