Monday, September 23, 2013


It is a little after 5 and I am in the office, not working but catching up on computer shit.  Actually, I am working a little bit because I was tallying receipts and whatnot.  But also doing online definite not-work shit. 

Today was a pretty good day.  A gorgeous, cool, sunny day that I got to spend outside leisurely painting set pieces and listening to music.  Rehearsal tonight.

Tomorrow I am off and spending the day with Sammers.  Not sure what all we will do, but I think we'll hit the YMCA and I'll work out while he plays with trucks.  Then maybe we'll go for a walk somewhere in the afternoon. 

Not too much else going on.  Jeanners and I have been watching the final episodes of Breaking Bad and we are mostly caught up.  Looking forward to watching last night's episode at some point. 

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