Saturday, July 20, 2013

BJ Party

Today, myself and the fam will be heading to a BJ party, which does not stand for 'blowjob party,' but rather is a party for one Benjamin Joseph and his betrothed.  Should be a good time, although it's balls hot and there is potential for a storm this afternoon. 

Been a relatively uneventful week.  Jeannie's been busy at work, I've been watching Sam, we've been trying to get some shit done on the house in the evenings.  This week we got the door jamb between living room and dining room stripped of paint, and also the basement door sanded, primed, and halfway painted.  Tonight or tomorrow hopefully we will finish the basement door and get it hung.  We've got a schedule to keep, dammit!   Next up on the list is making a little built-in desk and bookshelves in the rear bedroom. 

I have no idea where Jeannie and Sam are right now, other than that they went there on foot.  I went in to take a poop and when I came out they were gone.  Was I in there that long?  I hope Jeannie has not decided to leave me.  My guess is that she has busted out the stroller and taken the little dude to the park. 

Been really enjoying the latest CD by The National (Trouble Will Find Me) over the last few weeks.  

I bought some new sheets for our bed, and they were supposed to be the good kind -- high thread count and all that -- and they feel like sleeping in a burlap sack.  I believe I also likened them to sleeping inside of a Treader Joe's bag.  Which, maybe it's not like this near you, but the Trader Joe's that I go to uses fairly heavy, rough brown paper bags.  Hence the humor. 

Today my severance period is officially half over. 

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