Thursday, May 30, 2013

Home Alone 2

The J-Dog is in Chicago (well, she's not there yet, but she's on the way) for work until tomorrow night, and the Sambone and myself are left alone to hold down the fort.  What is on the agenda?  Perhaps a trip to Robert E. Lee State Park, a trip to the bank, maybe T. Joe's,  Anything to keep the boy out of the house and non-whiny, really.  Tonight I'll be dining on chicken breasts and scalloped potatoes made from a box. 

11 days of work left at the Noble.  Woo-Hoo!  Can't wait.  Yesterday I gave my official letter of resignation to my boss. 

I'm about midway through 1Q84 and still enjoying it.  For awhile I was reading so much at work that it was giving me headaches, so I've had to slow my pace.  Now I'm only reading when I take shits. 

Speaking of taking shits, I think Sam is doing exactly that right now.  Also, he (I'm assuming it was him) pooped on the floor yesterday during his "naked time," but Jeannie didn't find it until a few hours later.  Ha!  The downside of having a heavily-patterned living room rug:  you don't find poops until several hours later.  They never tell you that sort of thing in the store....

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