Thursday, April 18, 2013

Turd flinger

I accidentally dropped one of Sam's turds on the floor yesterday.  That's why I'm a turd flinger.  Luckily, it was pretty damned solid and only flattened a little bit, rather than splattering.  Splattering would have been bad.

I'm experimenting with a two-nap day today.  Lately, he's only been taking one nap a day, and it's been going pretty well -- he's been sleeping through the night for about 12 hours at a stretch.  But he's been sick with a little cold for the last few days, and he seemed really tired this morning, so I put him down at around 9:30 rather than his usual 11:30-ish slot.  He just went down a little while ago for nap #2, and hopefully we won't sleep very long and it won't screw up his nighttime.  We'll see.  Enough nap talk.

By Thursday evenings I'm usually tired of not getting to hang out with my ladyfriend very much, and I'm usually a little depressed.  Today seems to be no exception.  Work tonight could suck, although I have work to do to keep me busy, and also the manager that I think I'm working with tonight is one that turns a blind-eye to Wind-Up Bird Chronicle reading.  The book has gotten better, although it seems to be more of a simmering pot than a boiling cauldron.  Not that I prefer boiling cauldrons or anything.

Been trying to get our garden started lately.  Also, we put up a swing for Sam in the front yard.  I think he's going to love being outside this summer.  Also, if you stand him up in front of you, he will totter 1 or 2 steps to get into your arms.  I think he'll be walking very soon.  When he stands up on his own in front of me, it makes my heart beat a little faster and makes my breath feel short for a breath or two.

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