Saturday, February 23, 2013

Romance In the Air

Yesterday Jeannie brought Sam to visit me at work (always makes for a fun day in and of itself) and also brought flowers and a card that said that she had gotten a babysitter for the evening and that we would be going out for a nice dinner.  Pretty awesome!  So when I got home from work, Nyoka came over to babysit, and the J-Dog and I headed over to an Indian restaurant that was new to us, the Ambassador Dining Room.  Very cute, relatively expensive, romantic place in Charles Village.  The food was very good, the fireplaces were nice and warm, and we had a very enjoyable dinner.  For a minute I even forgot that we had a kid.  Then we spent about an hour walking around Charles Village, which we hadn't done in such a long time, and an hour was about all we could handle before both of us were pretty worn out and ready for bed.  So we headed home around 9:30, hung out with Nyoka for a little while and then went to bed around 10:15.  What a fantastic surprise evening.  I am a very lucky person. 

Since Sam was born, I've been taking a few film pictures here and there, and I finally used up the roll the other day and went and got them developed. Some pictures turned out pretty well, some pretty bad, but it was fun to take a little stroll down down the lane of memories of the last 10 months.  Also fun to be reminded of how crazy his forehead was there for awhile.  I'm glad that he's growing into his head.  Ha Ha. 

Tomorrow is the last event at the new theater for awhile:  a public open house.  Should be pretty low-key, I think, much less involved than there was for the fundraiser-type party there a few weeks ago.  We're still waiting to hear whether we got a major grant that we had applied for.  Whether we get the grant will kind of determine whether we move forward immediately with the renovations or whether there is a pause while we round up some more money.   Of course, we'd like to move forward right away, but it's probably more realistic to expect a pause.  But somehow the history of the company has always seemed a little charmed when it comes to lucky business things of this nature, so who knows.

The Jeanners and I are spending the afternoon cleaning out the basement a little (while Sam plays in a cardboard box) to get ready for lots of stripping of doors and trim.  Fun times await. 

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