Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For Those Keeping Score

The boy likes:  squash and bananas and maybe oatmeal. 
The boy does not like:  apples.  Or at least he doesn't seem to. 

Today I've been working on getting him to kick the pacifier habit.  The first nap was pretty rough, and it took about an hour of crying before he would fall asleep.  The second nap was better and it only took about 10 minutes, although it seems like he's waking up from that one and it's only been about 45 minutes. 

Oh well, enough about baby boy. 

The Jeanners and I were awake last night in the middle of the night because Sam was being a little bitch, and we got to lay around talking and laughing and stuff.  It was nice.  Felt a little bit like courtship, in a way.  I both hope that we get to do it again sometime and I also hope that we don't get to do it again sometime, or at least that maybe we could do it again at, like, 11pm rather than 3am. 

We've got a date on Thursday night and then a trip to NYC to see the Schluetermetz' on Sunday.  So much to look forward to...

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