Saturday, June 16, 2012

America's Dumbest and Deadest

Took the Gasman on his first roadtrip today.  It was a small one, to see how he did.  About 3 hrs away, although with him it took about 3 and a half.  Had a wedding to go to up in State College, Pennsylvania.  Home of Penn State.  When I was a kid I decided, for no apparent reason, that I wanted to go to Penn State.  Well now I finally have. 

'America's Dumbest and Deadest People' is the name of a television show that the Jeanners came up with today.  Sort of a companion show to AFV.  AFV stands for America's Funniest Videos. 

One time when I was a freshman in high school, I called the first girl I ever kissed on the telephone, and she said, "Can I call you back, I'm watching America's Funniest People."  I knew instantly that she did not like me.  I don't remember if I ever spoke to her again.  The kiss was not very good.  It was my second kiss that I really remember as being indicative of what a kiss should really be like.  That kiss happened at a mixer (also my freshman year) during the song 'Brown Eyed Girl.' 

Sam did fine on his roadtrip, by the way. 

Off to bed. 

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