Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Welcome Back, Mr. Bookshelves

For a few years now our bookshelves have been in the basement, holding our stored stuff and getting dirty in the process, no available room to put them in. Our books have been in boxes either up in the attic or down in the basement, depending on which area was being worked on at the time. Now that our living room is getting into shape, I was able today to clean off the shelves and bring them upstairs. Tonight, the J-Dog and I will bring up some of our books and fill them up (the shelves, not the books. The "them" refers to the shelves.) O happy day!

The Jeanners' parents were here for the weekend, visiting and helping out and delivering baby goods from family in the Lou. So, we now have a crib, and some rocking chairs, and a bassinet, and all sorts of other crap that we will be able to store our baby in. We had a good visit with her folks, although it seemed short, but that's probably because I had to work on Saturday and then Jeannie and I had birthing class on Sunday, and I worked again on Monday, etc. So that's probably why it seemed short. Oh, we also picked up a cute little rug for the baby's room yesterday. It's yellow and blue and red and green.

Where's Rico Riley been? Have you been wondering that, too?

Writing this blog post has given me a chance to procrastinate going outside and changing the oil on our lawn mower and perhaps even...mowing the lawn. I normally enjoy mowin the lawn but I just don't feel like it today. But it was on the list that I made last night of things that I wanted to get done today, so I'd better do it. That way, I will have a warm feeling of accomplishment as I tuck myself into bed tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Never fear - just like Johnny 5, Uncle Rico’s still alive! Time has just been having its way with him. He’s still seeing that gal…he’s got another relic guitar build going…he’s still working in a hellhole…he’s still doing that genealogy thang. Yep - still around - still awesome. He sure does miss you guys something terrible though.