Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Ultrasound (Light My Way)

I'm a bit worn out this morning. Had the day mostly off from work yesterday, and spent it prying up layers of flooring, underlayment, and adhesive off of the kitchen floor. It was a bit tough on the knees, back, and hands. Today I go into work in the afternoon, so I'm taking Jeannie's advice and having a relaxing morning. As soon as I'm done writing this, I'm gonna start on a tasty breakfast and listen to some car talk.

Monday morning we had an ultrasound appointment, where we got to see the little bambino. Everything looked good. I was expecting to be not very impressed or moved by the ultrasound, but I gotta say that seeing the little bugger moving around was pretty cool.

Just took a break from writing to go up into the attic and do some leak checking.

What else? Been catching mice, been watching CHEERS, been listening to the CD's I bought last week. I remember when I first bought Wilco's Summerteeth many years ago I didn't like it. Probably cause it didn't sound like AM, and I ended up giving it to Sean or selling it or something. Anyway, this time around I am totally in love with it. I guess things just have to hit you at the right time.

The other day Jeannie was trying to say "a bag of fake vomit," but instead she said, "a bake of fag vomit."

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