Saturday, December 24, 2011

Take This Job and Do You-Know-What With It

Ugh. Christmas shopping season 2011 is now officially over. At least where I work. It's been a crazy week. Made more crazy by the fact that our store was not adequately prepared and my boss kept stealing people out of my department (which was at least partially adequately prepared) to use elsewhere in the store. This morning I blew up at him in a not-nice way. He later called me back into the office to let me know that he appreciated that I stick up for my department but that I let him know about it in a less than respectful manner. That is probably true. But still, quit stealing my fucking people.

I got a call from the doctor's office yesterday that my x-ray looks normal. So at least I probably don't have lung cancer.

Anyway, aside from all the bitching about the job, I'm thankful that I at least have a job, and that I don't have to work in a dangerous or uncomfortable environment, and that I have decent insurance, and that I haven't had to like move to another state or anything for work. And when I got home from work today the J-Dog was in the process of cooking a delicious chicken dinner with roasted vegetables, and had set up a beautiful, candlelit table in what one day may very well be a dining room, and had a table cloth and everything, and had Christmas tunes playing (which I very politely and gently asked if we might switch to something else). And now we're just waiting for the chicken to finish cooking, and I am taking a long overdue poop, and typing this blog post.

Tomorrow I would like to:
1. Sleep in.
2. Give myself a haircut.
3. Go outside somewhere, if it's a nice day.
4. Maybe put up a door?

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BRIAN said...

Similar issues seem to have arisen at our store. We were grossly understaffed and the scheduling was no good. Nobody scheduled in music for the first 6 hours of a day, single coverage regularly, DAS/schedule discrepancies). I hope things get better and am glad that the holiday is over... Now the return blitz that ensues will be fun to have to deal with....