Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chesterfield Kings

Something is wrong with my taste lately. I think it all started with the CHEERS bender I've been on, and feeling nostalgic for cheesy, earnest things. This is the music I've been listening to and, for the most part, enjoying for the last couple of weeks:

I think it is the beginning of the end for me. Wait, no. Listening to smooth jazz is the end of the end. It is the bottom.

But no, it gets worse. Here's another one:

The thing is, I bought the Donald Fagen CD because 1.) the cover is awesome 2.) it was cheap 3.) I'd been on a little Steely Dan kick a few months ago, and 4.) the reviews at work gave it 4.5 stars, and when I would listen to samples of it, I would think to myself, "Jesus, that sounds really cheesy, how could it have gotten 4 and a half stars?" So my curiosity was piqued. So I checked it out. And damn if that stuff doesn't grow on you like a thick orange fungus.

The Jeanners and I sat down last night and figured out how much work we need to get done before the insulation folks can come in and complete Phase 2 of the insulation work. Which needs to be finished by the end of February for our loan shit to all work out. We figured that, after we finish the two bedrooms we're working on now (which we've given ourselves until the end of September to do), we've got about 20 days of work to do. The problem is, because of our work schedukes, and Christmas, and all the other stuff that's coming our way over the next few months, it's gonna take us pretty much the entire 6 months to get those twenty days of work done. And as we were going through the list, it seemed like a lot of stuff that we need to get done. So I got a little overwhelmed. And, although I've been abstaining from the G&T's since around my birthday, I had a G&T so I could melt my brain a little bit and be able to sleep without worrying about house stuff all night. It worked. It also worked that Jeannie was willing to come into the bathroom with me and sit on the floor and watch a CHEERS on the laptop with me while I soaked in the tub. True love, ladies and gentlemen.

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