Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Appian Way

It's a hot day today. I am laying on my bed, the laptop resting on my belly, with a fan blowing room-temp air on my legs. I am deciding whether I should take a nap or go downstairs and put up some junction boxes for some wires that I ran through the walls the other day. I will probably end up going with a 30 minute nap followed by junction-box-installation.

It's in the upper 90's here, but it hasn't been hot enough to get the temp inside above 90. When it gets above 90 inside, I turn on the AC. Actually, I just turn on the AC whe I get uncomfortably hot, and usually that's around 90. If it's real humid, I might turn it on even though it's lower than 90.

Aren't you glad you read that?

Last weekend the J-Dog and I worked on putting in a new walkway in front of our house, from the porch to the street. The old one was cracked and falling apart, and then it got real bad when the landscaping guys drove the heavy equipment over it, so we had them pull the old one out and haul it away. And we've been living surrounded by an ocean of dirt ever since. But anyway, while we were putting in the new one we had to do a lot of digging, and tamping of dirt and gravel, and it was real chain-gang type work. At one point, I even tried to get Jeannie to join me in the singing of some spirituals, but she wasn't interested.

I would like to go on record, though, as saying that there is not much in this world that is as sexy as watching your wife dig a big hole.

Anyway, it took 2 full days of work, but we eventually got the thing done, and it looks pretty much like this:

And we're pleased with how it looks. Hopefully it will last.

Tonight: should we have breakfast for dinner or super-duper nachos?

Thursday: k.d. lang concert.

Later this month: k-torr in DC.

Early next month: The Geners coming for a visit.

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