Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scratch my nails down your back...or something like that.

Just got back from karaoke at Mango Manny's. Jesus, it was awesome. After 10 years of looking, I have finally found a place that comes close to Kirksville karaoke with Wendy. An amazing mix of people, some songs I have never in my life heard, some black dudes in women's pants with large afro wigs, a woman singing a Mary J. Blige tune with a white dude that sings country songs dancing along with her. I don't know. It's just a really great thing to see. A very Baltimore mix of people.

The A-Train came out to jaraoke with us. She's a pretty perfect karaoke buddy.

The crowd seemed to like "Parents Just Don't Understand," but was luke warm towards "Born to Run." "Born to Run" was a little higher and faster than I'm used to singing but it felt pretty good, vocally. I wasn't quite drunk enough to go crazy with it, though. Oh well. It still felt good. Didn't get to sing Phil Collins/Phillip Bailey this time, but maybe next time. Also next time, maybe a duet with the A-Train?

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