Sunday, March 06, 2011

Mutha Board

I am writing this from the laptop that was dead, and has risen. I decided, on the advice of both Jeannie's brother and a tech-savvy coworker, not to attempt to solder the chips that needed to be replaced. So I ordered a new motherboard online for $70 and replaced the whole thing myself. Which I'm pleased about, considering a week ago I knew jack shit about the insides of computers and now I can take this thing apart and put it back together in about 10 minutes.

The Jeanners and I had a meeting yesterday with a guy that's going to be doing some grading, excavation, and masonry work for us, and it was a bit frustrating. As much as doing most of work ourselves has made this an insanely long project, it has been mostly a project with a low bullshit level, and pretty much 100% of the bullshit has come about when we've had to work with other people, whether it's folks doing work or folks arranging money or whatever. Sartre was right, hell is other people.

On a positive note, however, on Friday we had a company come in to remove some asbestos floor tiles that were in a back bedroom, and it was pretty dreamy to leave for work in the morning and then come home and have the job finished. It was pretty much exactly like the "elves come in the night and finish all the work" fantasies that I have been having several times a week for the last year or so. So now the floor back there looks like this:

I'm gonna try and lose a few winter pounds over the next few weeks. That means no delicious treats and no booze. And lots of running. This is either gonna make me feel really good or really grumpy.

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Katie said...

oh it looks gorgeous. and anna wanted me to tell you. it is definately the flu. she came down with my illness this weekend. 24 hour flu. no food poisoning. watch yourself. it was so good to see you and jeannie the other night. it made me feel like you lived down the road.