Monday, February 14, 2011


I have realized over the last week or so that I like Michelle Obama. Since we've been sans TV for awhile, I'd never really seen her speak much or anything, but I've caught a few things here and there online and at work during the last few days, and I have cast my vote. Pro Michelle.

Today I was thinking about the different jobs I've had. I can't remember why. This is what I remember: It was about 2pm, and I had just gotten out of the shower. I was sitting on the edge of the bed (in the dining room), putting on my shoes, and sunlight was coming in through the blinds. It was windy and I could hear thr trees outside blowing in the wind, and I could see the shadows of their branches moving around in the room. Anyway, here's the list of jobs I remember:

1. ticket-taker at high school hockey games.
2. worked for a lawn-care company, mowing lawns.
3. worked for a sod company for 1 day and then quit.
4. grocery store. Started smoking regularly while I worked there.
5. worked for a contractor for a few weeks, maybe a month.
6. worked on the Goldenrod Showboat. 75 performances of Hello, Dolly!.
7. Scenic carpenter at Stages St. Louis.
8. Auditorium Manager at Truman. I still have nightmares about this job.
9. Power Plant. Many jobs at the power plant. Laborer, Coal Gang (bulldozer driver, tugboat worker, and a cushy job sitting at a computer and operating belts), Plant Oeprating Engineer. I still have nightmares about this job.
10. The Nobes. After 8 years of working there, I have finally started to make what I made when I started at the power plant.

Had an inventory at work last night. Relatively uneventful. I got home around 3am and then worked this afternoon at 3. Unfortunately I have to go in tomorrow at 7, and I should really be in bed right now, but I needed a little while to wind down, aka drink a gin and tonic and eat most of a baguette with a ton of butter.

Had a tasty dinner for jeannie's birthday at The Hellmand, a place where we had never been but was nice and cute and good food. I got her a manure fork for her birthday, which is what she had asked for. A manure fork is pretty much the same thing as pitchfork, but ergonomically designed specifically for picking up and throwing ("pitching") feces, I guess.

Highlight of the week, probably: got an e-mail from the Beej on Friday night - "Are you working tomorrow" - Saturday morning at work he magically comes strolling through the door and we get to catch up a little bit. He was in town for a lightning visit in order to take care of in-law familial obligations with his ladyfriend. Always good to catch up with the Beej. Just thinking about getting to see him makes me happy inside my head.

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