Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dentist McGillicuddy

A woman introduces a man at a party and says, "This is my husband, Dentist McGillicuddy."

A woman introduces a man at a party and says, "This is my dentist, McGillicuddy."

Which is funnier?

Last night we watched the movie "Shutter Island". It held my attention but was dumb. Leonardo DiCaprio should never play any character with any sort of accent (and yet it seems that EVERY character he plays has some sort of stupid, unnecessary accent), and should never play any character over the age of 18.

The laptop that Jeannie's brother gave us before Christmas died yesterday. I have narrowed the problem down to two particular chips on the motherboard, and am contemplating buying the chips on e-bay for 10 bucks and attempting the fix myself, even though I've never done any sort of electronics repair. Yesterday, though, I was successful at taking the laptop apart twice and putting it back together with only one screw left over. Should I do it? Soldering would be required.

Tonight we met with a landscape designer and I feel slightly overwhelmed.

Josh Ritter has re-released his album The Animal Years with a bonus disc where he plays the whole thing solo acoustic. What a good album. I haven't listened to the bonus disc yet, and I'm sure it won't be as good as the original album, but still a pretty cool thing to do.

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