Thursday, August 19, 2010

33 sucks so far.

I've been feeling poorly lately. I thought I might have cancer because one of the lymph nodes in my neck has been swollen and painful and I haven't really had any other symptoms that might suggest a cold or infection or anything. But after a phone call with my sister (a longtime nurse) last night, she assured me that it is most likely not cancer and that I don't need to move up a doctor's appointment that I currently have scheduled for mid-September. Just the fact that I scheduled a doctor's appointment should be proof enough that I was concerned, as I have not been to a doctor for over 10 years. I tend to not trust situations in which you pay a single person to discover, diagnose, and fix a particular problem. Plus, I think I have just inherited my dad's views towards bodily preventative maintenance.

The Jeanners and I had a fun, semi-impromptu date night on Tuesday after discovering that a local movie theater (the rotunda) is offering $5 movies on Tuesday nights. They were showing Inception, about which I had been on the receiving end of so much Facebook hype that I was interesting in seeing if it was any good, and the Jeanners was, too (and it ain't too often that the J-Dog is interested in an even borderline sci-fi type movie), so we decided to go see it. Picked up some Chipotle and met the J-Dog at the theater, and although we both agreed that it did not live up to the hype, we both had a real good time and thought it was worth the ten bucks.

I'm thinking of re-growing the mountain man beard.

We got some work done on our chimney on Monday, so now when it rains, rain doesn't come into our living room. At least not through the chimney. Yay!

I am finishing up a long stretch of work. Tomorrow will be the 12th (and final) day in a row without a day off. I've been doing that to myself too often lately, but it really helps me get in a full 40-hour week without cutting anybody else's hours.

Just waiting for Jeannie to get home from work/gym. (translation: affair.) Cooked up some quinoa salad this afternoon, and I was planning on some fake burgers to go along with it but I think we might be out of them.

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