Thursday, July 22, 2010

Late Night With the Geeks

Tomorrow's pay day! Woo-Hoo! I guess, really, that pay day doesn't have the same punch now that it used to have in the olden days because the money is automatically added to my bank account by my employer, and then 90% of our bills are paid by money automatically coming out of the bank account. No more leaving work with a check in hand, going to the bank to cash said check and heading to one of Baltimore's more questionable establishments (such as the bar I saw the other day near Fell's Point called 'Bad Decisions') with pockets a'jingling. Whatever. I'm a fan of direct deposit. As well as online bill paying.

Anyway, it's been a decent week. On Tuesday night I headed down to Pat and Teresa's to get in some good playing-with-Finn time and then some good playing-geek-card-games-with-Pat-and-BJ-until-3am time. And we also ate Chips Ahoy cookies and Doritos by the fistful. It was a good time, and nearly shameful that we only managed to get together once for a geekout during the 2 months that BJ's been in town. Oh well. It'll leave us hungry for next time. So anyway, Tuesday night I stayed down at Pat's and then on Wednesday I drove up to Ellicott City for some set building. 'Much Ado' is going to be traveling down to Fenwick Island, Delaware next week, and the show and set need to be adapted to play in a different space. So Wednesday I found out what Ian wanted built and then BJ and I spent the afternoon building it and then taking it apart. It was much easier than I was expecting it to be. And I'm looking forward to heading to the beach next week. In my mind, it's all shaping up like some sort of Saved By the Bell special episode, like the one where Zack and the gang went to Hawaii. But really, most things in my life are like SBTB episodes in my head.

Jeannie and I started on some electrical work in the bathroom over the weekend. Got some decent work done. Not sure what to do next. Time to circle the wagons and plan the next few weeks, I guess.

Homemade pickles are brewing in the refrigerator. Yum.

Been hitting the gym pretty hard this week, which is good because a couple of days I ate like a 6 year old with a credit card.

The Jeanners has been busy and stressed at work. I'm hoping that that will end soon so that she can go back to devoting her time and attention to ME. Waaaa.

OK. Bedtime. The J-Dog is already conked out over there. Cute.

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