Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ain't No Sunshine

I am sitting here sweating a bunch, as I just got back from a nice, long run. Ran down to Herring Run park and then ran around the park. Eventually I will work my way up to then running home as well, but I ain't there yet. While I was out on my run, I saw my twin. It was a guy who looked a lot like me, dressed a lot like me, running the other way. So if you're ever driving down Walther and see some dude running down the road, don't spit on him cause it might not be me.

The J-Dog is out of town. For a week. It sucks. She left on Friday and she'll get back this Friday. I would love to say that I'm going to surprise her when she gets back by doing a lot of work on the house while she's gone, but it seems that I'm actually filling my time by running, sleeping, and sitting in the bathtub reading. Currently reading Walt Whitman's prose recollections, Specimen Days. I think that anybody who has a blog should read it. He kind of reminds me that there's always something to write about, and there's always a more interesting way of doing it. To wit: if I didn't know what to write about on a particular day, I would probably write something like, "Today I went for a walk and sat in a field." Then a new paragraph about something else. WW would write about 3 or 4 pages about the walk, talking about the sights, the sounds and smells, and about memories and feelings that the walk stirred up. That's what good writers do. Really, the only thing that makes my blog better than Walt Whitman's writing is that he rarely writes about his poop or stinky farts. Oh well.

It's hot in here, but not unbearably hot. Used to be a lot hotter in our place in Charles Village, both because it was on the 3rd floor and because it was in the middle of the city and surrounded by not much else other than concrete. Last night after I got home from work (around 11) I sat out on the front porch and had a G&T, and it was nice and cool, with a little breeze, and quiet. I walked around the garden to check it out and saw that one of the tomato plants has sprouted 2 little tomatoes. We've also got a cucumber that's growing nicely, almost pickle-sized already. I would also like to point out that BJ is also almost pickle-sized already.

I came up with a pretty decent band name yesterday: The Judy Blooms. However, I just googled it and see that there's already a band with that name on Myspace. Damn them! And damn you!

Worked on a song a few days ago that seemed promising when it was just a guitar and drum track but after working on it for a few days it has grown, floundered, and died. But it feels nice to occasionally work on music again, plus it's nice and cool down in the basement where all the recording stuff is set up.

Alright, that's all I got!

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Mustard said...

Miss you, lover. Maybe you could surprise me with a date when I get back? It doesn't even have to be a surprise since I'm suggesting it... I'm ready to come home now!