Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Will Soon Be Able To Bake Large Things

The oven has never worked at this place. We've checked a few things here and there to try and figure out what was wrong with it, but haven't ever really done much about it. We've been able to bake things (biscuits, pizzas) in small batches in our toaster oven, so it hasn't been a big deal. Nonetheless, we want our oven to fucking work, so the other night, after some helpful advice from the Jeanners' pappy (an engineer and all-around handy guy), we got serious about it and went out and bought a multimeter, and yesterday after work I spent about 5 hours fooling around with the range and trying to diagnose the problem. And finally I found the problem, and (if I hadn't knocked the igniter off of our counter and broken it and had to order a new one for $50), it's a simple, cheap fix. So hopefully in two days when the parts arrive we'll fix it up real good and bake a lasagna or a turkey or something like that.

The other night it rained super hard and we discovered that our roof is leaking in two spots. One is a pretty simple fix that we should be able to take care of this weekend, and the other is a bit more complicated -- replacing the flashing around our chimney. We should be able to handle it, but it saddens me because I feel like I was getting motivated and gaining momentum about getting the bedroom fixed up, and dealing with the leaks will throw a monkey-wrench into my plans. Monkey-wrenches in my plans knock me out of sorts and make me temporarily depressed.

I'm off work today, waiting for the waterproofing guys to arrive so they can do some more (free!) work on the basement. Also fixin' to cook up a large breakfast with lots of eggs and biscuits. And fake sausage and juice. If the grass is dry enough later on I'll cut the grass. Maybe do a little work on the bedroom closet.

Wow, what a boring post! Sorry, it's what's going on. Looking forward to our trip to the Lou! I decided yesterday that I'm gonna take the Jeanners on a dinner date when we get there...

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