Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well, jeez, it's been a week, although it hasn't really felt that way. What's been going on?

Last Saturday the Jeanners and I chopped down a tree in our yard. It was dead. We never saw it with leaves, so I have no idea what kind of tree it was. It was about 35 feet tall, and the trunk was about 15 inches in diameter. We only had one brush with death while cutting it down, which is pretty good I think. I've cut down a couple of trees with my dad, and we always had at least 1 decent brush with death. The last tree I cut down with him, a falling branch smashed the ladder that he had, moments earlier, been standing on. Nothing quite that exciting happened on Saturday.

Side note: we also cut down a tiny (alive) tree that was growing right in front of our porch, way too close to the house. Also took out a large, rotting stump that was growing right near the back of our house. It's nice to have all that stuff done, and now we have a bunch of wood to season and eventually use for firewood. Today I plan on using some of the old studs that we've taken out of the house to build a rack to get our firewood up off the ground so it will dry nicely and not attract termites. Also hope to make a dent in the large collection of branches in the back of our house that need to be cut up and bundled.

Jeez, enough about wood.

Had an inventory at work on Sunday night. It went very well, and then went over to the bar across the street (from work) with some folks afterwards. A good time. Our new store manager started last week. Seems like a decent guy so far, although he's pretty inexperienced.

The really big news is that PKP and T-Bone announced that they're gonna have another bambino, and when PKP called to tell me, his phone kept cutting in and out, and this effect caused it to be The Most Annoying Phone Conversation Ever. It sounded something like this:

"Hey!!...due in"

Cell phones are not my friend.

Today: I wait for the basement waterproofing people to show up so they can make our basement shed water like a good basement should, I'll probably watch some LOST, I'll cut up some sticks, maybe make a trip to the grocery, do some dishes. Yeah!

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