Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lawn Mowin' Man

Tonight I bought a lawn mower, weed whacker, and some gas cans. I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that I used to professionally mow lawns. I was never very good at doing the trimming, though. Perhaps I will be better now that I'm no longer 15.

Also found out today that my boss got the ol' shit-can yesterday. As in fired. Pretty sucky. He's a good guy, and he's got a new baby daughter, and in my opinion, he didn't deserve to get fired. However, life at the B&N will roll on. When we get a new store manager, it will be the 7th store manager since I've been there. They seem not to last too long.

I've been running every day this week. It feels good, although I still feel a bit winter-tubby. Nonetheless, my feet aren't hurting too bad yet, and my knees aren't hurting too bad yet, and my back isn't hurting too bad yet, so I'm gonna keep running until one or all of those things start(s) happening.

A customer at the store (who I sometimes trade jazz CD's with) told me the other day about a presumed ghost at his house who pulls the doorknobs off the doors. It was a funny story.

I can't wait for the Schluetermetz' to be back in Ohio. Can't wait!

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Portland's girl. said...

Lawn mowing, huh. Good for you. I asked a friend once, just as a favor to help me with my lawn at my old home in Port Angeles. He came, early, mowed, and weed-eated...and, took out a fancy trimmer thing..I was blown away at the job he did. He even, pulled out a monster Blackberry bush which was creeping and peeking into my frontroom window! Rooted it and all, We discovered a bees nest! He promptly ran to the supermarket and bought not one, but two bug killer can spray things....I didn't expect him to do that good of a job; I was super impressed. I overpaid him, for the pride he took in his work...And widely advertised and gave him my stamp of approval....Ah, I digress. Man, that is a drag, he was fired. It is too crazy, there would be such a turn over? At some point, it has to be something else that is wrong if there are that many people not being able to make it in a certain job? The land of the Unemployed has grown immensely. I know, and am taking advantage of it, and went back to college. MY opportunities have grown in leaps and bounds...since, I study law. But, whilst in school, I should look into mowing lawns, Myself. Ha ha ha ha ha.