Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I would like to submit that there is nothing in the world more brain draining than being on the phone with the phone company attempting to take care of a problem with your phone line.

Yesterday, after one such very long phone call, I was rescued by Jeannie and Katie and we went out to dinner at the local Mexican joint, Los Amigos. Which is not great but it'll work when you have a craving for a Mexican place and you've been sitting in a dark corner of the living room all day.

1. start doing actual work on lighting Lysistrata.
2. start exercising again.
3. put the rubble from our basement into THE BAGSTER.
4. find a door for our potty.
5. read through old blog posts to find out if I get depressed every year at this time or if this is new.

It really is lovely taking a shower in the new bathroom. It's nice and tall, and the water pressure is good, and it's easy to make the water the right pressure, and the shower curtain lets just the right amount of light through. We need to finesse the drain mechanism a little bit because it's not working right, and when we do I look forward to taking a few baths, but for now I'm just gonna really enjoy the shower.