Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pork = Smoke

Haven't written in awhile, but shit's been going on and that's what happens. I was off work for many days in a row over last weekend, and my sister and nephew were visiting DC, so I spent some time driving them around and whatnot. It was nice to have them around. We went to dinner at Ban Thai one night and it was delicious. I must remember that I really like that place.

We didn't get a whole lot of work done on the house during my days off, but I did manage to find a couple of decent doors (Lino, for some reason, got rid of most of the doors in the house, except for the basement door and attic door), so once we get the stupid things hung (which, in the case of the bathroom is proving to be tricky business) we'll be able to start working on trim and other finishing-type details in the bathroom. Still, a long long way to go.

After my stretch of days off work, my mood has improved dramatically. I no longer feel like I want to kill every person that comes into the B&N, and I feel cheerful and motivated. It is very very nice, and much better than the way I was feeling before my time off.

A co-worker who shall remain unnamed to avoid any legal repercussions was able to furnish me with a copy of Midlake's new album. It's pretty damn good. I would describe it as pastoral prog-rock. Nice harmonies, nice acoustic guitars, nice song structures.

Started working on our taxes last night. I want my guv'ment dolla billz!

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Lisa said...

I hate taxes! Good choice of music however...