Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not so Fresh Air Feeling

Had an inventory at work tonight and it went very well. One of the easiest that I've worked. Then headed to the Kent House (formerly the Kent Lounge) with Nikki and Abbey and Johnny. A good time.

Jeannie wrote in her blog that the dude downstairs hasn't been smoking a lot, but at the moment, he is smoking and it stinks in our place. At least it does in the living room. Hopefully she's asleep there in the bedroom and not getting any of the stink that is coming up from down below.

Tomorrow I'm off work and planning a lot of set building. Then for he show tomorrow night, there is a bigwig from the Globe Theatre (in England!) who is coming to speak, so I'll probably be around for that. Then we're all hitting the pub afterwards.

Have I mentioned that I'll be glad when October/November is over? Cuz I will.

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