Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Jesus Mary Joseph

It is a sunny, windy day today.

It is my day off, and it has been busy. It feels really good to have a day off, even though I've spent it doing a bunch of shit that I'd rather not be doing.

Life at the moment seems to be a wildly running horse, and the J-dog and I are blindfolded and hanging on tight and hoping it's going in the right direction. I guess we'll know at some point whether we're doing OK or whether we're getting trampled and shit on.

Ok, I've been having a persistent grammar and punctuation question: does the apostrophe get used when "it's" is being used as a contraction, or when it is being used as a possesive? Or neither? Or both? Please advise.

Highlight of the week: Jeanners made me mashers the other night.

Lowlight of the week: Jeanners seems to be having a tough time dealing with the City O' Baltimore ('Keep Moving') with regards to the driveway situation at the potential house.

Am I getting sick?


Brian said...

it's = it is.

only time to use it. I occasionally need to remind myself of that when typing it out.


Andrew said...

only when it is a contraction. And you don't want to sound like a stuffy douche.

(can one stuff a shower?)