Sunday, July 19, 2009

Strike That

I went to the strike for the Twelfth Night set tonight, and goddamn it if I didn't have a good time. Lots of people turned out to help, and although I'd much rather have a few competent people than a lot of incompetent ones, having lots of people around made it seem like a much more social event. Plus, I got to karate chop and kick boards and it felt good. Although I did get some rusty screws in the back of the leg. Jaw...locking...up......blargh.

The Jeanners has been playing around with the floorplan of the house with which we've had an on again/off again relationship, and come up with an idea that we both like, and one that requires a relatively small amount of work. Our realtor is currently on vacation, but maybe when she comes back we'll make an offer. In the meantime, we went and looked at some apartments, and we've got an appointment this week to look at another. It will suck to move twice, but it will feel good to have some temporary housing lined up.

Life feels alright right now.

I'm not a Pete Yorn fan, but there's a couple of songs on his new CD that I'm enjoying. There's one in particular that I really like, and there's two lines that stand out: The first is, "you kissed the best and had enormous breasts," and the second is, "I googled you in quotes - got no results." The second line in particular I'm interested in, because it seems really shallow and like a smug pop-reference, but there's also a very specific emotion and loneliness that runs underneath it. I'm impressed by lines that can have a completely unpoetic word like 'googled' in it but still conjure a very specific, sharp, and common emotion. I don't know, I'll just link to the song over in the playlist and you can listen for yourself. It's called "Social Development Dance."

That's all I got right now. Don't feel like getting up for work in 5.75 hours.

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