Saturday, July 11, 2009

A New Place

Well, there's another house that the Jeanners and I are considering making an offer on. We went and looked at it yesterday, and were expecting not to like it, but we both liked it. We were expecting not to like it because it only has two bedrooms and it is only one story and it is made out of cinder blocks. But we liked it anyway. I'm making it sound uglier than it is. It's actually pretty cute, and on a quiet corner lot. There's 17 trees on the lot. I know because went went back there this evening and counted the trees. We also got a chance to talk to 2 of the neighbors, Donna and Jackie. We also sat on the front porch to see how it felt. Felt pretty good. It also has a cool front door.

I had a good day today. Work was pretty decent, I think because I started my day by having a chat with Bobo Jubilee on my way inside from the parking lot at work. Bobo Jubilee is a guy who is a bouncer and multi-purpose man who works at the bar/restaurant near the B&N, and he deserves a blog post all to himself. Needless to say, he has the greatest name in America. He's also quite a character, and he comes into the B&N and orders wrestling DVD's with some frequency. Anyway, it's good to start the day with a chat with Bobo because he's a sweetheart. And he has a potty mouth.

For the past few weeks I have experienced the longest stretch of wonderful weather that I've ever experienced. It's been wonderful. A wonderful experience.

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