Tuesday, July 28, 2009

False Start

I thought I had to go to work today, so I woke up early and got to work at 7, as usual, only to find that it was actually my day off. So i got to come home and run a lot of errands instead. It was a decent day, got a lot done. It's starting to get hot.

Today I saw a woman in roller blades wearing shorts that did not cover her ass.

I went to the library today, and they found a CD that they said I hadn't turned in but that I really had.

The Jeanners made appointments today with a contractor and a plumber, we're going to look at the house on Friday and get estimates for the changes we'd like to make. Also, over the weekend we put a deposit down on an apartment (we'll be living in the apartment between the end of August [when our current lease is up] and when we find a house and finish making the major immediate improvements that would need to be made). We're glad to have found a place, but it's smaller than our current place, so we're gonna have to figure out how to make it work. Hopefully it'll be very temporary.

I feel like over the past few days I've had interesting things to write about but they have all escaped my brain.

The Beej is coming for a visit!

The Jeanners' parents are also coming for a visit!

I think August and September are going to be busy months.

Our friend Gena is an awesome photographer. She has a new book. At this site, you can see a preview of the book, and order it if you so desire, and vote for it in their readers' poll. Her stuff is seriously really good. I don't normally think people should make their living doing artsy things, but I think she should.

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PKP said...

Whoa! I saw Jeannie in one of those pictures!