Monday, June 01, 2009

A Kick to the Nuts

All week long I've been thinking that we were still going to end up with the house that we lost last week, because the house had still been showing up on all the listing web sites and stuff, and I figured that the listing agent told us that they had accepted another offer just to try and eventually drive up our bid. Well, last night, it finally went off the listing sites and showed up as under contract. So, barring any out-of-the-ordinary acts of god, we really have lost the place. It sucks. I'm pretty bummed. I totally thought this was the place for us, and it had been nice living in denial for a week, thinking we were still going to get it. Bummed, bummed, bummed.

Last night Jeannie and I went on a date, and it was pretty fucking awesome. We went down to Fells Point for dinner, walked a little bit and headed to Duclaw for some outdoor dining by the water. It was perfect outside weather-wise, and the food was good and the conversation was good and it was an all around perfect evening. After dinner we walked around down by the harbor and the water smelled like super diarrhea. Seriously. Imagine a toilet full of poop and how that smells, and then make the toilet and poop about as big as chesapeake bay, and that's what it smelled like. But even with the poop stench, a perfect evening.

Been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan lately. I'm just gonna go ahead and add him to my shortlist of musical geniuses. So far on the list is: Bill Evans and Jimi Hendrix. And now Bob Dylan. They all changed the game. I'm especially liking the 1966 concert from england. Anyhoo, all the listening is getting me super pumped for the Willie and Bob (and Cougar) show that I will be attending in July. I'm gonna try to get super close.

Also, hope to be done with my Willie biography soon. Next on the reading list: finish Johnny Cash's autobiography, then read A Brief History of Time, then Bob Dylan's Chronicles.



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