Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bell, Blevins, and Devoe

The Jeanners and I did not take our possible trip to the beach. Didn't feel like making the drive, didn't feel like spending the money for a hotel. So instead we spent the day up around Rocks State Park (the place where I lost my wedding ring about 4 years ago), and then decided just to drive around and see what we came across. Well, we ended up at York, Pennsylvania. Lots of pretty farm country around there, and we stopped and had dinner at a funny little family restaurant called the Taylor Haus, where I had the option of getting gravy atop every item included in my dinner. I opted for gravy atop 2 of the 3 things, but left my fries dry, as god intended them. Anyway, we had a fun time, enjoyed trying to find good songs on the radio, and enjoyed the numerous Michael Jackson songs we came across.

I have spent the past few days getting to know the new 8 track. Really liking it. It's easy to work with, does everything I would want it to do, and is totally portable. I smell possible car-recorded vocals in my future. While I was getting to know it the other day, I was screwing around and recording stuff and making up the track as I went along, and this is how it sounds:

If only the damn thing would come up with a melody line and write some lyrics for me, I'd be freakin' set. Still, though, I'm really happy with it.

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