Friday, May 22, 2009

Size Might Matter

Holy cow, it's been over a week since I last wrote. If my own blog was listed in the handy-dandy chronological blog-list over there to the right, it would be down near the bottom. A very shameful place to be. Apologies.

If it has been a week since I last wrote, it's because my brain has obsessed with a series of houses that the J-Dog and I have looked at. The first one was big, somewhat rundown, on a huge partially wooded lot, and was somewhat affordable. I got pretty excited about it. The J-Dog less so. So the other night we had a big 3.5 hour discussion about it where we worked out how our finances would work, and rehab loans, and made lots of lists of work that would need to be done, and talked about the floor plan, and ended up deciding that it wasn't the right place. It was big, though. After our marathon 3.5 hour discussion, we both felt a little wiped out, so we went for a quick walk and then came home and I made us some accidentally super-strong G&T's (we had less tonic than I thought we did), and Jeanners got a little drunk. It was cute, although Drunky-Drunk didn't sleep very well.

I would be sad, but luckily the same day that we decided that the big place wasn't the right place, another house went on the market that looked pretty promising. It's super cheap (why?) and good sized and looks to be in a workable state of disrepair. And I went and drove by it last night and got out and walked around the outside, and now I'm convinced that this is the place for us. Unfortunately, we don't get to see the inside until tomorrow morning, so for the last day and a half, I've been a bit annoyingly excited about the place, which makes the J-Dog automatically (and understandably) take a more cautious look at the whole thing. My problem is I get too excited. I told Jeannie that if this house goes off the market before we get a chance to see the inside, I will go into a months-long depression and stop eating and let my fingernails grow super long and all that shit. But seriously, I think it could be perfect. And it's cheap.

What else?

I'm about halfway done with my mammoth Willie Nelson biography. It's OK. I'm still on a Willie kick, but now I'm also doing some listening to early Sun Records stuff. Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison. This Sun Records interest was sparked by starting to read Johnny Cash's autobiography, CASH, at work. It's really good. And much shorter than the Willie book.

Work has been un-remarkable.

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