Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rev. Al

I have decided to legally change the name of my car from "The Reverend Al Crawford" to "The Reverend Al Crawford Slater". That way, I can still refer to him as "The Reverend Al", or just "Al," but I can also call him "The Reverend A.C. Slater." There. It is done.

Jeannie and I have not known where to start with this whole "maybe buying a house" thing, so on Saturday morning we had a meeting at a place called Live Baltimore, where you can basically just go in and ask a realtor questions about buying a house in Baltimore. It was super helpful. If you're thinking of buying a house in Balto (or as we like to call it, "Chesapeake Shakesb'more", ) I'd recommend it.

Is diarrhea funny because it's a funny word, or because it refers to liquid poop?

I've been having lots of weird dreams lately. Many of them involving Ricky Elz. The other night I had one where me and Ricky and Bosco were riding in the back of a car that was being driven by some high school girls, and the high school girls drove to their high school and us guys were waiting for them in the back of the car while they ran inside to get something, and we were talking about how back in the day it would've been really cool to be in the car with three high school girls, but now it just seemed kinda dumb. And Bosco said, "The only thing I want from these high school girls right now is for one of them to watch my kid so I can take a nap." Which I thought was pretty funny.

I think I had that dream because Jeannie and I had recently watched a "Family Ties" episode where young high schooler Mallory had to fend off unwelcome sexual advances from creepy family friend "Uncle Arthur."

I've been super busy lately, spending a lot of my free time working on the set. It's going pretty well. I feel well prepared, mainly because I've been making construction drawings and actually planning out what I need to build before I show up to build it. Strangely helpful.

I think that sometime in the future I'm going to post a quiz called "How Well Do You Know DOB?" I was thinking about it today in the shower.


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, and although not in a dream, just today I saw an old van--picture the ice-cream truck/van--that had the following fantastic phrase painted across it in bright blue: "J-Qwan and J-Dogg Clothing Service". I immediately thought of you and your J-Dogg.

I don't know what "service" refers to, but you must change your name and buy that van. It would be like your Mystery Machine.

The hell with the baby sitters. I have back pain. Yeah, like I'm sixty or something. I'm depressed, crippled, and mortal. I also feel tingles down my leg, which, like a car load of Ursiline girls in high school, would also have met a different response from me when we were younger.


Mustard said...

CB - Sounds like you're in need of a good physical therapist. Take care 'o yer bod.

JK said...

I'm 100% behind the car name.