Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Okra, Enough to Choke Ya

Woke up this morning cosmically Bored, with a capital B, feeling blah. Yet had plenty to do. Just procrastinating. So I spent the morning sitting in the tub and chain-watching Sports Night episodes.

Been listening to some Chris Smither lately (who I would recommend for fans of ol' Greg Brown), and when I listen, the songs take me right back to our Alaska trip earlier this year, which was when I first listened to any of his stuff. I can totally picture Spiff and I in his kitchen, rolling dice, drinking Guinness, a bright morning light coming through the window, smell of eggs and bacon, listening to a lot of good tunes.

The J-Dog and I have been talking lately about our plans for the future, specifically house-buying and J-Dog-school-returning-to. We're thinking it's probably a pretty darn good time to look at houses, what with interest rates being real low and house prices dropping. And we've got some money in the bank that ain't doin' nothing. And it's a bad time to quit a job and move elsewhere, so it's looking like '09 might be the year that D-Bone and J-Dog hunker down and start playing Grown Up.

I'm off tomorrow, and I'm planning on doing some preliminary-type work on the set for the show I'm starting to work on, "The Country Wife", which will be going up in February. And laundry. Gotsta do laundry.


ricky said...

homeownership is for lovers... i mean suckers.

Where are you movin' to?

Anonymous said...

"...Beans of every kind"