Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holidays '08

Well, I usually don't go a week between posts. No good excuse, really. Work is getting busier, but not busy enough. It's been kinda frustrating for the last week or so, but mainly I think just because everyone is stressed about the "tough economic climate." Whatever the reason, it hasn't been laid back and fun this season, and I blame mostly myself for that. And Bewley. And Korn. Ha Ha.

On my day off on Monday, Jeannie arranged for me to be able to work in the Habitat wood shop, so I was able to get lumber delivered and start working on the set for "The Country Wife". It was really wonderful to be working in a full shop again, to have room to work, and all the materials and tools that I needed. Sigh. One day CSC will have all this type of stuff on-site, I hope. Would make life much easier. But anyway, it was fun on Monday to be working. And I realized that I cannot work on a set without thoughts of Ron Ryb flooding the ol' memory all day. A good thing.

Can't wait for Christmas to be here, can't wait to get back to The Lou (even if it is going to be a lightning-quick trip) and see friends and family. Can't wait for work to go back to normal.

Jeannie and I are planning on diving in to house hunting when we come back for the new year. Meeting with money folks, etc. I keep hearing of all the interest-rate cuts happening, and start rubbing the ol' hands together. I'm thinking that it really is going to be a decent time to buy a house. And the Jeanners is getting super-excited about having a place of our own (read: a porch and a large garden).

Well, I've got the day off today. I need to run some errands, but I think I'm not gonna start until I've had a tasty breakfast of eggs and black beans. Remember when I used to eat bacon all the time? Jeez.

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