Sunday, October 19, 2008


Havin' most Sundays off with my lady friend ain't a bad deal at all.

Although we didn't do that much today, really. J-Dog did a lot of physics problems, and I was on call as a consultant. So I read a lot of IJ. And we went to the farmer's market this morning and bought a lot of vegetables, which vegetables I then spent the evening chopping and peeling for a vegetable-roasting extravaganza which will probably take place at our place sometime this week.

Got an inventory this week at work, which I never look forward to, but I'm always glad to get 'em done. And a production meeting tomorrow night for The Country Wife, which will be going up in February. Not exactly sure what my job will be yet on the production (maybe designing, probably building) but perhaps I will find out more at the meeting...

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