Thursday, July 17, 2008

You fools!

The last post was just a test. Now I know which of my friends are quitting pansies (PKP, RR, JS, EE), and which are tough like me (way to go, JK!). I'm gonna finish that goddamn book! And what's more, I'm gonna finish it by tomorrow night!

Ok, I've thought it over, and that last part probably won't happen.


PKP said...

I'm gonna break into your house and destroy your copy of that book. For your own good.

Schluetermetz said...

This is just plain cockiness, and I, for one, am done with it. See you in hell, sucka.

DOB said...

You guys are just upset that you got caught in my trap and exposed for the quittin' pansies that you are.

Schluetermetz said...

Oh god. I hate you so much when you gloat.

Anonymous said...

you shouldn't test your friends.