Friday, July 11, 2008

Urine Luck!

Outside of our bedroom window, it smells like pee. Which is imressive because we're three flights up. But problematic because we like to have a box fan in the window at night blowing clean, cool air across our sleeping bodies. So if you've been taking your before-bed leak down in our breezeway, please stop.

Yesterday I finished up "The Ring." This morning I checked the mix, and as of right now I am calling it finished. Check it out over in the sidebar.

I think I forgot to mention that Jeannie and I brought back some bikes from St. Louis. Her parents found an old bike that someone was throwing away in the alley behind their house, and it was still in good shape, and my parents had some old bikes from when us kids were, well, kids. So now we have bikes. I'm still waiting on some new tires and tubes that I ordered over the internet, but then we'll be in business. The J-Dog has been riding hers to work now instead of walking, and although the morning traffic is scary, I think she'll enjoy it. I don't know where I'll ride mine. I might eventually attempt to ride it to work, but I'll have to see how practical that would be.

We've watched 3 episodes of "The Tudors." Don't know if we'll get any more discs or not. It's just not nearly as good as "Rome" was, and that's disappointing.

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brian said...

I knew that was your house.