Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not Too Shabby

It's been a few days since I've written, and I have to say, things have been going pretty well during that time. The diet is still going strong; I still have yet to eat any meat (despite my proclamation that I was going to be eating some [I forgot to defrost the bacon]), and I've lost about 6 or seven pounds in the last week and a half or so. I'd like to lose another ten.

But anyway, I feel good. Much less like a tub of shite. Work has been good, easy, and I've had too many people scheduled which means I don't spend all day by myself, I actually get to hang out with people, which is nice.

It's been alternating between balls-ass hot and just warm. On the balls-ass days, the Jeanners and I turned on the window unit in the bedroom and camped out in there. Played some gin rummy.

The Tom Waits concert is only two weeks away!

Been doing some tentative, hesitant song writing, and it's felt good. I think that, in accordance with my new "write the song before you record it" guideline, I'm going to work on songs with the idea that I should be able to play it live. Maybe even go to some (shudder) open mic nights on the down-low. Who knows. Maybe not.

The other day at work, Chris asked me what my favorite Tom Waits album is, and what my favorite TW song is. It was tough to answer, but I've recently discovered a version of a song that I think encapsulates everything that I like about him. So I'll go ahead and post it over there on the side...

A day off tomorrow. Chores, and maybe some recording. Wish gas weren't so damned expensive or I'd consider heading to the beach...

Happy Birthday, PKP! I may take you up on your omelet offer.

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